" Friday night was a proud moment for Magna Publishing House’s head honcho Nari Hira. Having produced only reprints of popular books so far, Magna unveiled the first original book from its stable, at the Magna Book Gallery in Kala Ghoda. "

" Pilgrimage Places in India, a coffee table book by photo journalist Sunil Vaidyanathan, is packed with great images and the interesting histories and myths surrounding some of the more frequented pilgrimage hotspots in the country, from Benaras and Pushkar in the north to Rameshwaram and Konark, down south. "

" The event wasn’t of the usual variety and was certainly devoid of a large bunch of air kissing celebs. But businessman Yash Birla who launched the book and is known to be a deeply spiritual man, had quite a few exciting pilgrimage experiences of his own to share, which made it a very entertaining evening. "


Magna Mags

" Pilgrimage Places in India — Sunil Vaidyanathan India is considered the largest tourist destination in the world. Apart from nature’s bounty, the country has abundant temples erected in honor of the hundreds of Gods worshipped here. Year in and year out, thousands of tourists visiting the country are intrigued by the abundance of pilgrimage spots that dot its landscapes. This book is a pictorial journey through the prominent pilgrimage spots of India. "



" Welcoming the remover of obstacles: A photographic odyssey into the world of Ganesha. This coffee table book is not only packed with information but makes delightful reading and viewing. Its biggest attraction; a plenitude of photographs. The author has roamed the whole country and has photographed the elephant headed god created by gifted artisans in all corners of India. Add to this an astonishing compendium of stories and legends from the Puranas. The book is thoroughly researched and narrates the entire mythological history of the popular god. The photographs in the book provide a breathtakingly beautiful and authentic wealth of images reaching back to our historic past. This is a uniquely enlightening book, a cultural treasure trove which one feels like dipping into time and again. "



" A love affair not just with pictures but with Ganesha, the most loved god of India. It is a photographic journey that captures glimpses of the festivals and legends associated with the much-adored portly elephant-headed god. "

HINDU - C. S. RAMAKRISHNAN Tuesday, Sep 21, 2004

" Democrat among Gods: This book is a fitting tribute to a sumptuous deity. The elephant-headed God is indeed a delightful mix of sheer transcendence and ready accessibility. He is so majestic that in any ritual he has to be propitiated first. "

" As Vighneswara, he is an enfant terrible causing obstructions when offended or ignored; but when pleased he is also a guardian angel removing all impediments in the devotee's path. Even his father, Lord Mahadeva, had to propitiate him before the Tripuras could be vanquished….. "

" Sunil Vaidyanathan's lavishly and tastefully coloured photo essay invites us to a thrilling journey through a galaxy of charming Ganapathi legends and festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi. With an enthusiasm bordering on addiction the accomplished photographer has collected icons from many parts of India and spread before us a veritable feast to the eyes. "

" This coffee-table tome adoring Ganapathi Bappa is bound to become a family treasure. Only a small caveat. Why call Ganesha exclusively as the God of India? Is He not really the darling of humanity? "


Idol mind, Chisel’s workshop. They are hymns in stone in praise of the higher power. We list some of those places in our country where faith takes form and the divine finds a resting place “Temples of south India”


" A lens-eye view of timeless monuments. A photo journey capturing ancient temples of South India… “Temples of south India” is a photographic journey through the magnificent, awe inspiring cultural past of Southern India… Clearly, an honest endeavour! "


Temples of South India by Sunil Vaidyanathan is once again a photographic journey through India and its temples. The book is colourful and fascinating, informative and interesting and nostalgic and real.


For all you Mumbai lovers here is another book to add to your collection. Just enough to impress your friend the next time you two take a walk…This Volume will look good on your Coffee Table.


This is a pictorial history of how an ancient cluster of islands that were sparsely inhabited by indigenous people of Dravidian stock became, through the centuries, the commercial hub of the world’s second most populous city.


Bombay is now Mumbai and it has metamorphosed from a conglomeration of seven islands to a megapolis. If you glance through Sunil Vaidyanathan’s book “The Heritage Buildings of Bombay” Mumbai stares you in the face with its changing splendour. From strength to strength, the book takes you on a tour that is colourful and fascinating, informative and interesting, nostalgic and real. The book is a compilation of Vaidyanathan’s “love affair with pretty pictures”.


“The Heritage Buildings of Bombay”, with text by Rajan Narayan and photographs by Sunil Vaidyanathan, the book provides basic information about the structures along with lots of “pretty Pictures”


“The Heritage Buildings of Bombay” was conceived by 24-year old photographer, Sunil Vaidyanathan, over the last two years and is a compilation of his pictures of Bombay in her various moods. Writer Rajan Narayan expresses this bond and affinity of the photographer towards the city, through words. “The Heritage Buildings of Bombay” offers its reader an opportunity to journey across time and it is a tribute to the city of Bombay and her spirited citizens.


Mumbai has a rich historical and social tapestry that has been well captured by author Rajan Narayan and Photographer Sunil Vaidyanathan. “The Heritage Buildings of Bombay” tells a story which will probably be a revelation to most Mumbaikars, who take the city’s monuments for granted. This coffee table could well become a family treasure.


Rajan Narayan and Sunil Vaidyanathan's book has colour photographs of facets of Bombay's heritage - symbols of the Raj, merchant princes of Bombay and their architectural achievements, the City's cultural evolution, the confluence of the faiths that enrich it and precincts "where time is frozen" - ending with a just recognition of the growing heritage consciousness in Mumbai. Good chronology caps this labour of love by a young photographer and a journalist who loves the Bombay where he worked for a decade and a half.

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