When you make that transition from a semi-professional photographer to a working pro, you have to fine-tune your existing skills to help realize your dreams. Our extensive workshops expand your technical and creative skills. Instead of the usual conference room approach, we train you through a series of dummy assignments.
Our workshops are divided into three modules. The first component will include a compositional analysis of your existing images. In the second component, we brush up camera techniques and in the third component of this workshop; you shoot a series of dummy assignments, which will once again be followed by compositional analysis and constructive criticism. In this workshop you will learn how to put together a picture story. It will be a great learning experience, as the participants will learn what a commissioning editor or picture editor is looking for in a photo feature. We basically help you see subjects from a different perspective.

The duration of each workshop is seven days. Please write or call for details. Individuals as well as groups are welcome.

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